In Krasnoyarsk, launched a recycling plant hazardous waste

June 5 Krasnoyasrke opened Waste Processing Complex of the first, second and third grades.

It is the only facility in the Ural Mountains of its kind. The technology is designed for recycling tires, railroad ties, obsolete pesticides, medical and biological waste. There are about 200 names. In the year of installation can neutralize at least 15,000 tons of hazardous waste. It is even possible restoration of land that has been contaminated with petroleum products. The output after the multi-processing and purification are formed clean steam and ash.

The complex is built on the investors' money for its erection took about a year, and costs amounted to 260 million rubles.

It creates the conditions under which the business will be more profitable to think about the environment. For example, to pass a ton of waste for disposal to 150 rubles, and the processing at the plant is three times cheaper.


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