In Krasnoyarsk, opened a children’s theater

August 27, Krasnoyarsk inaugurated the first children's theater "Dream". 

Reconstruction of the theater began in 2007. Two weeks ago, the head of Krasnoyarsk Edkham Akbulatov spent in the "Dream" retreat about its readiness to receive its first visitors.

"A few days ago it was in full swing, but it is encouraging that the builders had time to throw open the doors of the theater to the Day of Russian cinema, and today we have a double celebration — said the mayor. — It is very important that there was a movie theater in the city of Krasnoyarsk. It is not only a place where movies will be shown, it will be a creative laboratory — there will be stage shows, meetings, there will be fun for the kids Wednesday. I hope that together we can create a really interesting creative atmosphere. "

The honor went to the theater to start working family film "The Tale. Yes! "All-Russian premiere will take place only after a week. Guests of honor at the opening ceremony and the first film show began its creators — Actress Angelina Mirimskaya and producer Anastasia Perov. "It's an honor and happiness — to be present at the opening of children's theater, — said the young actress. — It you have such an incredible, in Moscow, this is not. " "For us, today is a very exciting day — we went to him for five years — added Perov. — Our objective was to connect to the audience of parents and children. Let the words "fairy tale. There are "going to be key to new discoveries of different, beautiful, amazing family films which will be shown in the" Dream "!"

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