In Krasnoyarsk, the movement of the buses is now possible to monitor the Internet

In Krasnoyarsk from January 10, 2013 in test mode started working website where you can track the movement of public transport and to calculate the time waiting for the bus every route.

  • bus, equipped with GLONASS
  • bus, equipped with GLONASS

Site is located, it has developed a municipal institution "Krasnoyarskgortrans." With this system, Krasnoyarsk can find out how many machines running a particular route on the line and in the public stops, each of them is in the present moment. You can also get a forecast that which buses will soon come to a stop on the user's interests. It is planned to provide residents and visitors the opportunity to follow the edge of the movement of buses directly on the map in real time.

As explained by the spokesman for the Department of Transportation Krasnoyarsk Svetlana Arsentieva, the site began to fill in the last year, and has now put information about almost all city buses. To ensure the smooth operation of the site, you must install additional equipment, which is now underway. "While still in his work there are failures — technology perfected by our dispatchers, but when you exit the global network needed empowerment. The full site will work in two — four months ", — explained Arsentieva.

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