In Kurgan opened a new swimming pool

Swimming pool "Olympus", complementing the ensemble sports city in the Youth Park Mound City, opened on May 11.

The new pool is provided with all the necessary equipment to carry out the training process, physical education and sports activities.

One-time bandwidth pool "Olympus" is 120 people. In the day swimming pool will take more than 1200 people. The total area of the new sports facility 6222 square meters. m

In December 2009, opened a sports complex "Youth", which became the hallmark of sports infrastructure area, and a modern sports complex in the city Makushino.

In 2011 was opened ice arena "Youth", which instantly became a favorite spot Kurgan.

Over the past three years have been discovered in children's sports stadiums and Ketovskaya Zverinogolovskoe areas, the construction of which was carried out under the "Gazprom — to children" in the city of Kurgan built playgrounds for beach sports and games of skittles, indoor tennis courts in Central Park, laid football pitch with artificial turf in Zaozernoye district, the reconstruction of the sports complex "impeller" and sports and recreation complex in Vargashinsky area.

Only the construction and renovation of sports facilities in the Program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Kurgan region in 2011-2015" inherent 1 billion 624 million rubles, of which nearly 200 million went to the construction of the pool "Olympus".

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