In Kurgan opened after a long renovation Wedding Palace

This event hundreds of pairs of Kurgan waited two years. Newlyweds and guests had to huddle in one of the shop, and in the summer — unsuitable for weddings in the Palace of Culture Engineering. Now inconvenience visitors to experience the registrar will not. Rooms bride and groom have become more comfortable, rooms for marriage — more beautiful. The walls are decorated with decorative Italian plaster and crystal lamps. The central staircase is made of marble and glass, on the second floor there was a fireplace.

On the reconstruction of the Palace of Marriages spent more than 30 million, the bulk of the funds was allocated from the regional budget. At the opening of the region's Governor Oleg Bogomolov thanked all those who took part in the renovation work, and expressed the hope that the Kurgantsy will come into this building with joy, smiles, and it is here that will emerge a happy family life.


After the inauguration of the future newlyweds Anna (yet Yuzhakova) and Maxim Mironov went into the hall to check in, where in the presence of guests and journalists employee registrar declared them husband and wife. The first family with the birth of children Mironov congratulated the head of the Trans-Urals. Oleg Bogomolov wished them happiness, love, kindness, success, as well as pointing out that the golden wedding.

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