In Kursk, after reconstruction opened a kindergarten for 240 places

After a major renovation in Kursk opened kindergarten number 120 on the avenue of Friendship, which is now created the most favorable conditions for the kids. For its reconstruction took 56 million rubles. Another 4 million rubles was spent on the purchase of soft furniture, playground equipment, facilities, dining and medbloka. In kindergarten there were modern sports and music halls.

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Only in the last three years in the Kursk region built 6 kindergartens, 3 of them — in the regional center, with 150 seats each. Introduced after the reconstruction of three previously closed kindergarten. Additionally created 22 groups in the DOW for 420 seats.
This year, the work goes on, in front of a few newcomers. Several construction of kindergartens in the village Glushkovo 140 seats and the village Kalynivka Khomutovskaya area with 30 seats, in Kursk on the street Mylnikova with 260 seats and Victory Avenue with 150 seats. In November, after the overhaul will kindergarten number 96 on Bright Ave, 7 to 200 seats in the regional center. It is also planned to open after reconstruction kindergarten number 87 on ul.Deyneki and Zuevka Solntsevskoye in the village area. Capitally repaired 32 kindergartens, they will create additional group of 1,025 seats. In total this year is planned to provide places in kindergartens 2,779 babies, including Kursk, more than 1,300 people.



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