In KUZBASS STARTED PRODUCTION sorbent for oil spill


Oil spills — one of the worst environmental disasters of our time, a total of 12 grams of oil make unfit for consumption, a ton of water.

According to the Association of Kuzbass recyclers of waste water plants completely die if the concentration of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (formed during the combustion of petroleum products) reaches 1 percent.

The birds are very vulnerable to oil spills on water surfaces. For example, in order to wash a bird requires two persons, and time 45 minutes 1100 liters of pure water. Thereafter washed bird needed from several hours to several days of heating and adaptation.

How to deal with the danger of oil spills — can answer "production company" Vertical ", a member of the Association of Kuzbass waste recyclers. The company started the production and release of a unique product — oil sorbent VD-1.

Oil Sorbent "WA-1" — the development of new innovative technologies in the field of oil spill response and oil products. The sorbent is a composite of silica powder gray or mustard treated by special trains. Used to collect diesel fuel, oils, fuel oil, crude oil, gas condensate, cleaning of oil and petroleum products and solid bodies of water, foreshore and the rise of petroleum products, settled on the bottom of water bodies.

The product is non-flammable and non-explosive, resistant to acids and alkalis, its buoyancy is 20 years, and the collection efficiency of oil and oil products — up to 99%. The sorbent is made on the basis of secondary resources, is environmentally safe for the environment and the people cope with the consequences of oil spills and oil products.

Only 1 kg of sorbent can be collected from one to three kilograms of oil. And it's a lot, because the sorbent after the restore operation is quite simple, you can use up to thirty times! When the rational organization of work on the regeneration of adsorbed mass of one kilogram of sorbent VD-1 due to its repeated use can be collected at least 90 kg of oil.

Sorbent after pressing and repeated use for a long time can be stored in any container. Subsequently, it can be mixed in to enhance the combustion of coal in thermal units, or in the production of oil bitumen products, asphalt and roofing.

Storage conditions of the sorbent VD-1 is extremely simple. Storage is possible in all areas to ensure the protection of polypropylene packaging from direct sunlight and rain, up to the store in the open air under a canopy on pallets. Due to its unique properties, it does not cake, does not require ventilation and periodic rudder. The shelf life is less than 20 years, the press service of the city administration.

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