In Kyzyl opened new units perinatal center


Building blocks began in 2004 under the program "Children of Russia", but progress was slow due to unstable funding. In October 2010, were put into operation — the catering department and unit — an intensive care and neonatal resuscitation. October 1, 2013, and put the remaining two blocks to where the laboratory, Department of prenatal diagnosis, neonatal pathology unit and clinical diagnosis.

The federal budget has allocated almost 180 million rubles necessary for the completion of the perinatal center for co-financing. Budget Tuva sent for the purpose of 125 million rubles.

Currently, the center has 170 beds (70 obstetric, gynecological and 60 40 — neonatal), there are 12 units. In 2011, purchased medical equipment for the care of newborns with low and extremely low birth weight for gravity surgery in obstetrics (ultragemosorbtsiya), advanced laboratory diagnostic equipment (automatic biochemical analyzer, the apparatus for determining bilirubin in the blood capillary in the newborn). Total program of modernization in the agency received 164 units of medical equipment in the amount of 100.6 million rubles.


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