In Langepas (Khanty-Mansiysk) has opened a new clinic building

Especially for the new clinic reconstructed one of the hospital buildings. Overhaul of the building was carried out by means of oil, under an agreement with the Government of Ugra. On three floors housed a children's and adult clinics. In the medical facility equipped with X-ray and diagnostic department, as well as day care. Each department — its entrance. The clinic can check your vision, do ultrasound and ECG. On each floor of the placards with the names and numbers of doctors offices. Increased the number of terminals self recording. The first unit of Nyagan GRES earned in full force.

Today launched the first unit of Nyagan GRES. The long-awaited event since the launch unit postponed several times already. And as reported in the press service of the company "Fortum" from this day N'yaganskaya power plant started commercial electricity supply to Russian consumers. Capacity of 420 megawatts of power. Total power plant will produce more than 1,200 megawatts.


Recall N'yaganskaya power plant — the first in the new Russia a major power plant, being built from scratch. Construction of one of the largest power plants of the country officially began in June 2008, it was then on the site of the future energy giant drove the first pile. At a ceremony in Ugra arrived Anatoly Chubais, the then chairman of the Board of RAO "UES of Russia". Originally it was planned that in 2010 the power plant will provide the first N'yaganskaya Megawatts. Adjustments are made in a grand building crisis. By 2010, builders had just finished a so-called zero-cycle, laid the foundation for the power units and office buildings. On an area of nearly 100,000 square meters of construction workers toiled 2000. In the end, after six months in Nyagan delivered power plant for the first power Nyagan GRES. The unique equipment — gas and steam turbine power generator, collected in factories around the world. According to the scheme daunting logistical equipment brought from Rotterdam in the Ob and from there transported to the site of the future plant. A year later — in September 2011 equipment arrived here for two more units. Began installation. In May 2012 Nyagan GRES appeared on the energy map of the country — the station included in the network. And now the power plant started on the first unit, so in addition to the energy mills supplied 420 megawatts of electricity. Works N'yaganskaya power plant on gas. During the construction of power plants did not spend a single ruble of the budget, it is totally an investment project.

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