In Latvia, the ten per cent of the officials were poor

  • Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia
  • Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia

The Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia.

In Latvia, one in ten official registered as needy. On this, as reported RIA Novosti, said the head of the local union of public sector employees Andrew Jirgensons.

Mid-level official, he said, getting your hands on some 230 lats (about 450 dollars). In the Social Insurance Agency, for example, employees get about 200-300 lats. The average wage in the country at the same time is 400 lats (about 770 dollars).

According to a representative of the trade union, as reported Mixnews,
in fact, the poor among public officials more, but not all have issued themselves this status.

Status of the poor in Latvia assigns social service. As of 2012, this status had about 214,000 people. The population is about two million people.

Earlier it was reported that members of the State Chancellery of Latvia, going on vacation, have used their spare time to part-time work in other places (including the companies who were abroad). This occurred against the backdrop of the economic crisis, accompanied by decrease in salaries in the public sector in Latvia. Fame has also received a police story Kleinbergs Madara, who was driving his vacation to Denmark, where abrade with mink pelts (earning five weeks of such part-time work more than five or six months of work by the police). Kleybergs eventually retired from the police and went to Denmark for good.

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