In Lesosibirsk appeared football field with artificial turf

In Lesosibirsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory) appeared artificial sports turf. Football field is made with the latest sporting and technical words. Specialists say, engage in it will be from March to November.


Laying of the field was made possible thanks to the regional program "The development of football in the Krasnoyarsk Territory" and long-term target program "Physical Culture and Sports in Lesosibirsk for 2011-2013".

Thanks to the development program of the Ministry of Sports, this year has already opened five football fields. In general, the province is now 26 full-size soccer fields with artificial turf.

On Lesosibirskoye stadium "Trud" is not quite the usual commands — the officials of the northern cities and districts of the region have changed shirts and pants sportswear. The zonal phase Games municipal and state employees coincided with the presentation of a new football field.

Alexander Safonov: "The new football field made of these tracks, only much larger. Their quality is somewhat similar to an artificial Christmas tree. Also, the whole area is dotted with black rubber crumbs to attract the sun's rays. From puddles after rain should dry much faster "

On the territory of the Yenisei district field with artificial turf first and still the only one. Even after the 1st match competitors pointed out that in such a nice lawn is not only running, but also fall.

Victor Marzano: "White envy a little jealous that Lesosibirsk there is such a beautiful lawn. The field is great to play it easy "artificial pitch edge cost budget of 11 million rubles, and built its specialists from Volgograd.

Besides football officials will compete in basketball and chess.

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