In Lipetsk aviatsentr on retraining pilots and navigators arrived airbase WEST

Within 6 weeks, about 20 pilots and navigators of the air base of the Western Military District will be trained, allowing operation of multi-purpose fighter-bomber Su-34 in the central Officers' Course National Center for training of aviation personnel and military trials Ministry of Defense of Russia (Lipetsk).

During the training process, the officers will study the aerodynamics and aircraft design and engine, its avionics, aircraft armament and sighting and navigation system features piloting.
Form of training involves both lectures and seminars, as well as for training on simulators.
The cabin complexes simulators for pilots and navigators practiced the skills of action during the flight, including in-flight refueling, emergency situations.
Modern simulators allow enough air to efficiently digest the Su-34, the cabin is equipped with multifunctional indicators and sensors that allow real-time receive a greater amount of tactical, navigation, technical, and other information necessary for the qualitative performance of the flight mission.
Last year, the central officer course Lipetsk aviation center received approval for the operation of the Su-34 more than 100 pilots and maintenance personnel of military units of Russian Air Force.

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