In Lipetsk, built a house for the public sector

The new 62-apartment building is ready to receive its first tenants? government employees: teachers, doctors, cultural workers. In fact, this house is a small-family residences with one-and two-bedroom apartments, in which young professionals can live while working in budgetary institutions.

Construction of four houses for state lasted a year? from November 2011. Now the house is put into operation, are connected to all utilities, and the first of its inhabitants? educators and cultural workers? were able to see their new apartment. Along with them, a new public housing appreciated today and members of the public movement "New Lipetsk." — A good idea and a good incarnation — said after meeting with the House leader of the public movement "New Lipetsk", Lipetsk city council deputy Alexander Sokolov. — These homes are now required: they allow the public sector to decide on the work in the municipal institutions their housing problems.

Interest in social home for state explain? members of the City Council recently discussed spending on programs to improve living conditions, including the budget money allocated for the construction of a new council house.
Now the house is waiting for its inhabitants. Builders are willing to settle newcomers at any time, and now it's up to the departments: from workers in their industries to choose those who are in need of better housing conditions and sign a contract with them to allocate their budget apartments in this house, that's dormitory. How many of them state employees, for which the provision of social housing for the duration of the work would be a solution to the problems is difficult to say: officially a similar line to the apartment in the dormitory there. However, Alexander Sokolov noted that there is debate about the possible appearance of this new council housing for state employees? Today it is clear that the demand for such apartments "Malosemeika" in the city will be.

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