In Lipetsk, completed construction of a blast furnace number 7 (photo)

The new blast furnace name has already appeared — at the entrance to the complex is hanging silver plate with the inscription "The blast furnace number 7," Russian woman. "

DP number 7 strategic asset for the region is projected to launch its revenues from OJSC "NLMK" gradually increase by a third. The new complex will create an additional 1,580 jobs, 268 of which will directly provide job "Russians."

Issue a new blast furnace metal starts in September. Before that will come the final adjustments and debugging equipment, inspection regimes, all sorts of evaluation of operating parameters. Prior to the full reach full capacity should take 3 months.

Now NLMK produced more than 9,000,000 tons of pig iron per year. Start DP number 7 will increase pig iron output by 3.4 million tons. One shot 30% increase in production of pig iron — is the most powerful technological breakthrough for a single steel plant of the country since the days of the Soviet Union. A steel production at NLMK with the introduction of a new blast furnace will increase by 36% to 12.4 million tons.

Blast furnace number 7 is radically different from its predecessor PD number 6. The new complex — a closed casting yard, greater automation, high performance and best quality products. Gradually, other objects NLMK will "catch up" on the path of technological progress "Rossiyanka" and reconstructed.

Go to beginning of the hot blast furnace complex test number 7 — one of the most important stages and the last on the way to its official launch. Prior to that, the owners here were the builders. Now, construction, installation works and the first phase of pre-launch testing, when the function of all units tested in a cold condition, complete. The object is ready to transfer technology personnel combine. The furnace was loaded with fuel, filed blast.

Responsible task apply compressed air for blowing blast furnace entrusted Sergey Alexandrov. In the state of NLMK he was 13 years old, had worked in the DA number 6, but with the start of construction, along with 72 other members of staff moved to the new facility. Despite the fact that the worker had to learn unfamiliar equipment and learn about 4 thousand different parameters, a new job Sergey very happy: it's all automated, the process of labor greatly facilitated.

— The cooling system is operating normally, blowers disclosed, blast furnace is ready for the hot test — report to Chief of blast furnace Edward Goldfinches. — Open the gate valves!

Since then, DP number 7 is not just a collection of high-tech equipment, and living mechanism, whose appearance is akin to combine the first manned flight into space — not by accident the first Vice-President — General Director of OJSC "NLMK" Igor Anisimov has launched hot testing for complex symbolic our country and for the world team, "Let's go!".

Construction projects of such magnitude as DP number 7 in Russia was not the last 25 years. In a world of such objects is not too much. In a solemn ceremony began working trials involve enterprise managers, heads of departments, builders, installers, representatives of the contractors who were building the furnace and the people who will work on it. According to an old tradition, celebrated the beginning of metallurgical test blast furnaces by breaking a bottle of champagne on the stove — to perform this ritual trusted chief blast furnace number 2 Alexander Arzamastsev.

— This is indeed a momentous occasion — the First Vice-President — General Director of OJSC "NLMK" Igor Anisimov. — We are in Lipetsk Russia for the first time in the new complex built a blast furnace. I congratulate everyone on this momentous day, and the blast furnace wish you success and good fortune: the oven was docile and predictable — gave out as much iron as you want it to never grieved that worked well. But this is just a starting point in the seventh blast furnace. Today we are taking a line under construction stage and proceed to the hot testing.

At the construction site is not Russian — world-scale hard and foreign engineers. The manager of one of the leading companies in the domain of technology — the company "Paul Wurth," general designer and general contractor of construction of the dispatch number 7, Nicolas Moselle admitted that his team's hot start test DP number 7 — is also a very important day.

— We are happy to have received this order and were able to realize this project together with NLMK — said Nicolas Moselle. — We can be proud of what has been achieved over the past few years. Today is a special day, but for us the work is not finished — we will provide technological support. We are closing one chapter in the history and move on to the next. But we are confident that this will be the best oven stove. DP number 7 — one of the most modern blast furnaces in the world. Her upcoming launch for NLMK — this is definitely an event century. The complex is very well planned, here are applied and implemented all the latest technology. I want to draw attention to environmental issues, the environment — new technologies and equipment that allow the stove to be very environmentally friendly.

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