In Lipetsk, completed the reconstruction of the 110 kV substation Knoll

Energy of IDGC of Centre completed the reconstruction of the substation "Knoll" 110/35/6 kV voltage, which is one of the most important and key installations Lipetsk power system. It is the oldest city in the substation that feeds the central part of the city of Lipetsk: here is the historical center, has major social and administrative facilities.

The modernization of one of the main substation will improve the reliability of power supply, eliminate energy deficit in the central part of the city of Lipetsk and establish a reserve power for the connection of new consumers. For the realization of this important investment project of JSC "IDGC of Center" has sent more than 317 million rubles.

As part of the reconstruction of the substation, "Knoll" has been equipped with modern high-tech equipment that meets the requirements of reliability, security, and compliance to environmental regulations. Introduced the remote control system, relay protection and automation of a new generation that improve the efficiency of technological processes in networks.

At the substation was commissioned two new TDTN 63 MVA. As a result, the installed capacity has increased from 55 to 126 MVA. When applied to the reconstruction of distribution devices 35 and 6 kV modular design, installing circuit breakers with remote control and modern electric gas and vacuum circuit breakers to replace worn-out oil, made of cable laying and installation of communications equipment, relay protection for overhead lines.

Reconstruction of Power Facilities carried out without repayment consumers. Particular attention when carrying out work in connection with the location of the substation near the residential sector, given the requirements of environmental protection.

Reconstruction of the substation "Knoll" — not only contribute to the development of the energy in the region, but also a necessary condition for the economic prosperity of the city. The introduction on the subject of new technologies and modern equipment with long life will ensure the reliability and quality of power supply.

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