In Lipetsk opened a new medical center

The Medical Center "LoriDent Clinic" was held in Lipetsk on the street Mekhanizatorov. Modern specialized medical center will provide the ENT and dental care. It is equipped with the latest medical equipment, working here experts plan to use modern technology to meet European standards. Created 22 new jobs.


Participates in the financing of the project and the administration of the Lipetsk region. As part of the target program for small and medium-sized businesses financial assistance is in the form of subsidies for the partial repayment of the cost of interest payments for the loan.

As reported in the management of small and medium-sized businesses Lipetsk region, two-year subsidized loan interest rate — one of the most popular forms of state support of entrepreneurship.

Today subsidies gave 53 investment projects including carry-over from last year. Overall, in 2011, to finance the activities of the regional target program to support small and medium-sized businesses, approved by the head of the executive power in the region Oleg Korolev, allocated about 210 million rubles from the regional and federal budgets.

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