In Lipetsk region collected two million tonnes of sugar beet

Crossed an important threshold rural workers Lipetsk region. Harvested 2,000,000 tons of sugar beets. Average yield is 406 kg / ha. 

In seven regions it exceeds this level, and in Dolgorukovsky already is 510 kg / ha. The highest total yield recorded in Dobrinsky area (over 552 tons).

Processing continues on the roots of six sugar mills with a daily capacity of 31,000 tons. In the registered weight already processed more than 1.3 million tons of beets. Produced 168,000 tons of sweet products — significantly more than last year's volume of the same date (137,000 tons). Sugar content of this year reached 16.5%, according to this indicator region came in first place in Russia.

Lipetsk beet growers annually of 8 to 10% of Russia's total sugar. The success — the use of the latest crop production technologies, modernization of production, the dedicated work of agronomists, machine operators and processors. Sugar beet — a strategic area of development of regional agriculture. According to operative data, beets cleaned more than half of areas. If the weather permits, machine finish cleaning in the first half of November.

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