In Lipetsk region opened a mini-dairy plant

May 14

Milk and dairy products will be seven types release mini-plant, which opened today in the agricultural production cooperative "Lipetsk". The company was established three years ago, and now it supplies all the vegetables and cereals budget establishment of Lipetsk region.

By the end of 2012 the district schools, kindergartens and hospitals will receive and local brand milk.

According gubekrnatora Lipetsk Region Oleg Korolev, development cooperation is a priority of the economic policies of the local authorities.

"The opening of the co-operative is an example of successful economic, social and political project," said Queens. According to this principle has long lived the whole world, and in Germany, the Netherlands and Finland each resident is a member of three to five cooperatives, he said. That cooperation ensures social peace in society, equal income for everyone. It is no accident this year Organization United Nations declared the year of cooperation.

These forms should be bringing people in each village administration, said the head of the regional administration. In Currently, being developed by the regional target program for the development of agricultural and consumer cooperatives to 2020, the phased development of which should provide after processing cooperatives, building its own network marketing, insurance and credit cooperatives ", — he added.

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