In Lipetsk settlers received new apartments

Today, residents of dilapidated homes received the keys to the 45 one-bedroom apartments in new high-rise building in the street Willy Ogneva, 1. Basically, they will settle in a family of emergency house built in 1957's Potapov, 10.

As a result of the Department of Housing auction the right to serve home win of the Criminal Code "Matyrskaya." In the new building have invited representatives of the gas supplier and the MUP "RVTSL." Thus, to make all necessary contracts tenants could just on the way to their apartments.

The program is to move people from dilapidated housing began to operate in Lipetsk in 2003. During that time, its members were more than two thousand urban households. In 2013, on the implementation of the activities of the program provided about 195 million rubles. More than half of the amount allocated from the city budget, explained in the press service of the municipality. Another 81 million rubles — from the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services, and nearly 2 million — from the regional treasury.


These funds are seven two-bedroom apartments Department of Housing Administration of Lipetsk this year bought a new district of the city along the street Kotsar, 9. However, the main building for this social project that is now unfolding in the neighborhood Traktorostroiteley — including at sites that are exempt from the dilapidated buildings and has already settled.

As the head of the municipal government building Vasily Ivanov, ten-odnopodezdny house will soon rise beside populates today — on the street Ogneva, 3. The work is already under way. 40 one-bedroom apartments in it are intended for the orphans. The remaining participants will receive a resettlement program. The building will be made of a modified series of panels local DSK and the most adapted to the needs of people with limited mobility — with two lifts and wider corridors. Exactly the same house will start to erect street Claudia Shatalov, 1. And next will be a third — of the Voronezh designs. There will be 40 two-and three-bedroom apartments.

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