In LPC number 3 CherMK Severstal complete overhaul of the camp 5000

In the rolling plant number 3 CherMK "Severstal" (St. Petersburg, Kolpino) ended overhaul rolling mill 5000. 

As expected, the work will significantly improve the wear resistance of plant equipment, as well as increase its turnaround time.

During the repair was made reheating furnace repair mechanisms that will improve the quality of heating and rolled metal. Continuous furnace produces heat more than 50% of the blanks for the 5000 camp.

Besides, were restored on the beams and the frame of the mill stand 5000 where the rolling blanks heated up to the required size. Services provided will reduce the number of unplanned shutdowns mill associated with the failure of components and mechanisms stand.

5000 wide strip rolling shop number 3 produces a thick sheet for the needs of shipbuilding and nuclear power industry, fuel and energy complex. 

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