In LPC number 4 OJSC MMK the reconstruction of the hot rolling mill in 2500

18.03.2011 — 12:49 Today, in the rolling plant (LPC) № 4 in the operating plant, being built three high-heating furnaces.
Assembled and installed 80% of metal taps the main building, where the units are located. Almost completed the construction of the foundations of the new furnaces. In the near future on the furnace number 3 will begin installation of the underground part of its equipment, in particular, walking beams. The work will be conducted under the guidance of Chef installers from Italy: equipment for heating furnaces is already on the site MMK, his supplier is a company Tenova.
The complex includes a proper oven, Gas mixing station (carrying out training before being sent to the gas combustion), the station cooling water furnaces (closed loop), the machine loading and unloading.
At the end of May — beginning of June, builders plan to start lining furnaces. Two units must be put into operation before the end of 2011, the third — in the spring of 2012. After entering the new six existing furnaces in the shop will be dismantled. As part of the process equipment of the camp will also include an updated roughing stands.
General Contractor — JSC "Prokatmontazh." It also employs specialists of JSC "Fitter" and subcontractors.
The manufacturer of the main technological equipment 2,500 hot rolling mill made Novokramatorsky Machine Works (Ukraine). General supplier of the basic process — non-contractual — Equipment — Czech company ALTA.
The implementation of the project in LPC number 4 will significantly expand the dimensional and Grades mill to improve the quality of our products. After the reconstruction of the camp in 2500 will be able to produce pipe strength steels X60, X65, X70. Productivity of the mill will increase from 4 to 5 million tons a year, said Department of Information and Public Relations of JSC "MMK.

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