In Lugansk region began work on the first set of coal gasification

"The first set of gasification is in Lugansk. It was developed by a local company and was designed by scientists of the city. Complex capacity of 1.8 MW. All necessary equipment is made in the field of machine-building enterprises. Gas, which produces coal gasifier, will cost the price is less than half the current the price of natural blue fuel. Additionally, with the help of a special installation, it is possible to produce electrical energy from it, "- said the press service said.

Also, the Office noted that more than 70% of coal, which is mined in the area is suitable for processing the gas.

Recall, for the enhancement of capacities of the Ukrainian government plans to upgrade the most efficient mines. So, now, work is continuing on the construction of the skip shaft at the mine Bazhanov, part of the state enterprise "Makeevugol" (Donetsk region).

It is expected that after the modernization mine them. Bazhanov increase production to 1 million tonnes per year.

Gasification complex, planned by the government will help the domestic coal producers to implement an additional 10 million tons of coal.

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