In Magadan has earned a new line for the production of large concrete structures

In Kolyma started production of large concrete structures for bridges and roads. The new production line is running for the Magadan factory panel construction.

The company has mastered production of bridge beams up to 24 meters from the prestressing reinforcement. Reinforced concrete structures are used in building and construction.


Chairman of the production cooperative "Magadan factory panel construction" by Vladimir Golovanov said that the new product is not only needed for the construction of buildings, but also for all types of man-made structures on the roads — from culverts to bridges.

"Over the past year, has been made large-scale reconstruction of the plant. Was also acquired new cargo and transport equipment. Along with the design and manufacture of molds for the very bridge beams upgrade costs amounted to more than 80 million rubles, "- said Vladimir Golovan.

Local products will reduce construction costs up to 40%, said the head of the plant. Prior to the introduction of a new production line Kolyma contractors were forced to buy concrete structures in Khabarovsk.

Acting Magadan Governor reminded that due to federal programs in Kolyma is implementing a number of large-scale infrastructure projects. They are required to complete the work of new gold processing plants and mines.

"Exploiting the Magadan region is impossible without the appearance of new roads, bridges and power lines. Investors need to create the conditions. It is gratifying that are actively involved in the process of Kolyma factories and contractors. They not only create new jobs, but also contribute to the economic growth of the region ", — said Vladimir liver.

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