In Magdagachi (Amur region). Expanding new car-repair plant

At full capacity, this car-repair company will earn in two years — during which time the company will invest in the project 133 million rubles. However, by the end of 2013 to Magdagachinsky company will create 200 new jobs.

— As is clear from the JSC "Russian Railways" analysis, today the lack of car-repair enterprises have Transbaikalskaya, East Siberian and Far Eastern Railways, — the Minister of Economic Development of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov. — Meanwhile, in connection with the exercise in the Amur region of large projects, an increase in the capacity of BAM and Trans projected increase in turnover in the region twice. Therefore, the demand for the repair of the rolling stock will increase. In connection with these prospects, LLC "Transvagonmash" can become a leader in car-repair work in the Far East.

To create a new plant, "Transvagonmash" purchased from Russian Railways released assets — land in Magdagachi wagon. At the moment, the preparatory work is in its final stage: the installed process equipment, is working on obtaining permission to use the conditional number marking in the repair of critical parts and components of cars, the factory is accredited. Currently, on-site commission on acceptance.

In addition, the Svobodny Car Repair Plant Company is implementing an investment project. The enterprise is being modernized production, which due to the replacement of outdated technology equipment and construction of new access roads will increase the volume of car repair. While the plant produces from its walls 5,400 cars a year, while capacity utilization is 85%.

In 2012, the government of the state support rendered to the enterprise: from the regional budget of the company reimbursed 3,000,000 rubles spent on the project. In addition, the following 2012 Svobodnensky Car Repair Plant won the "Leader of the machine-building complex of the Amur region" in the nomination "For the high investment activity." Today in the Far Eastern Federal District, there are 11 enterprises wagon repair Svobodnensky factory occupies the first place among them, and in the Russian rating holds 13th.

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