In Makhachkala (Dagestan) began production of basalt fiber

In Makhachkala, on the basis of "glass factory" launched an investment project for the production of composite materials based on basalt continuous fibers.

4 built oven. Development of basalt fiber is up to 500 kg in each furnace. The initiator of the project signed sales agreements for the production of products with a number of Russian companies. Today in the framework of the investment project created 86 jobs.

The project "Construction of the plant for the production of continuous basalt fiber and special glass fiber output of 12,000 tons per year, as well as composite materials on their basis" provides for the organization of continuous basalt fiber volume of 12,000 tons per year.

Its total cost — 304 million rubles. Of these, the investor is already invested in the project is 127.6 million rubles.


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