In Malgobek (Ingushetia) opened a new school

In Malogbeke the opening ceremony of the modern school for 704 pupils, built with the money from the state budget. 

The school, built on an individual project, consists of two sports and assembly halls for 400 people where you can organize conferences, even the Russian level. Classrooms are equipped with the latest technology.

Provides space for choreographic studio, sewing workshop for girls, workshops, in which there are multi-joiner and lathe machines, two computer labs, clinics, study of art, where there are special tables for drawing. In the school there is room for technical staff, spacious rooms for leisure, laboratory, conditions for children with disabilities. 

The customer is the Ministry of Ingushetia's construction, its estimated cost of 354 million rubles. In school, children will learn to residents landslide zone resettled in a new village (500 houses), also relieve the school and two schools Malgobek in which children learn in three shifts.

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