In Maloyaroslavets reconstruction of the battle took place outside the city

The streets of the county town Maloyaroslavetz, that, in the Kaluga region, flooded the French cavalry and Russian Hussars. I go to the store — there is Russian Hussars, I sit down in a minibus — next passenger in an overcoat and a cocked hat. I asked: "How to get to the Ivanovo meadow?" — Is silent. Apparently, the Frenchman. "Who was it — Russian or French? — The most popular question in the city.


All guests of the city in the early 19th century clothing — members of military history clubs in Russia. They came to the city on reconstruction episodes Maloyaroslavetsky battle  12 (24), October 1812.

Artillery fire a volley, the action begins. Attack Hussars meet the French. Lancers go to fight, and once again meet the French. Cossacks gallop daring, and again French troops repulsed the attacks. And so eight times! In 1812, the Maloyaroslavetz — only 200 houses, 1600 inhabitants, cherry and apple orchards — eight times from hand to hand. The city was burned and destroyed. But Napoleon was forced to retreat along the old Smolensk road. The city has experienced great sorrow, but for the suffering he was given unfading glory!


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