In Mari El, a new MRI scanner

Modern device has received the Republican Clinical Hospital. Capacity of the new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is five times the scanner parameters, we run the survey so far, the cost — 44 million rubles.

Now the country three MRI machine — two in the RCH and one in Yoshkar-Ola City Hospital.

  Magnetic resonance imaging — one of the modern methods of diagnosis, allowing imaging of the internal structures of the human body without interfering with it, and without ionizing radiation. This is an important advantage of MRI over other methods of radiation diagnosis, as there is no danger of side effects.

MRI allows the study in all planes with the anatomical features of a person, has a number of advantages over X-ray computer tomography in the study of soft tissue and organs.

MRI better "see" some of the structures of the brain and spinal cord, and other nervous structures. In this regard, it is often used for the diagnosis of injuries of the nervous system tumor formation, as well as in oncology, where it is necessary to determine the presence and prevalence of cancer. With the help of MRI can detect inflammatory, degenerative and neoplastic lesions of blood vessels and the heart, chest and abdominal lymph nodes, processes and other parasitic diseases.
For MRI-based direction of research is required specialized professionals with an indication of the diagnosis, type and area of the survey, medical history, the results of previous diagnostic tests.

Since 2013, the country introduced quotas for these types of studies, which are distributed among all health facilities, depending on the number of people served, the press service of the regional Ministry of Health. Ambulatory patients undergoing research for free, at the expense of compulsory health insurance. For this profile justifies referral for specialist investigation, deputy chief medical officer of health facilities confirms the need to study and issue a quota of its medical facilities with the date and time of the study. In all other cases, the research is carried out on a fee basis, but also in the direction of a physician.

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