In Mari El begin reforestation

This spring conduct silvicultural activities planned for the total area of 2,400 hectares. For planting forests will be set aside 1,300 ha (65% of the area will plant pine trees, 20% — and 15% of fir trees — birch). Addition of forest plantations is expected by 1100 hectares, with almost 740 hectares of forest will be planted on burned in 2010.

Activities will hold 38 tenants plots in 18 forest districts.
Forest fire in 2010 damaged forestry plantations 8: Volga, Zvenigovsky, Kilemarsky, Kokshaysk, Kuyarskogo, Morkinskogo, Rutkinskogo and Yurinskaya. There is now a need for a sample of sanitary and recreational activities on the area of over 40,000 hectares. To date, measures were implemented in the territory of more than 7500 hectares.

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