In Mariupol animals bitten by 856 people

Last year at the Mariupol attacked not only dogs, but also cats.
And mostly — home.
78% of Mariupol affected by animal bites in the past year, were attacked by just pets.
Dogs had bitten 560 people, and cats — 103 people.
186 people — and it is 22% — in the last year have been bitten by an unknown animal. This is reported in the city of SES.
However, a greater number of applicants on the biting pets indicates non-compliance with the Rules of residents of the animals.
Of the 663 known dogs and cats to bite humans, only a few have been vaccinated against rabies.
As described in the gorSES, pet owners do not care for the prevention of rabies in their pets and do not vaccinate them on time, despite the fact that vaccination against rabies veterinary services are free.
In 2010, the medical institutions of the city due to animal bites asked 856 people, which is 159 less than in 2009.
Vaccination against rabies in 2010 were 192 people. In severe cases, except the vaccine administered to victims rabies immunoglobulin. This combined treatment in 2010 were 30.

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