In Michurinsk open educational research and production greenhouse complex MichGAU

In Michurinsk completed construction of teaching and research and the production of the greenhouse complex at the agricultural university. In the wasteland uchhoza MichGAU now adorn the unique structures that will become the center of biotechnology and vegetable greenhouse type in the Tambov region.

Construction of the greenhouse complex began in 2009. It consists of two-storey building laboratory, greenhouse area of half a hectare, boiler, water pumping station. According to the rector Alexander Kvochkina, all looking forward to the completion of construction, because the university has big plans related to the commissioning of this facility. First, it is planned to concentrate all the latest ideas and developments on nutrition, secondly — to develop a scientific field such as biotechnology, thirdly, — train staff on vegetable production in greenhouses, as modern Russia is experiencing a great shortage of such specialists, which makes this problem a key for agriculture. At the center of the greenhouse there is one more task — providing residents with fresh vegetables. On the day of the presentation of the greenhouse complex it was consecrated.

The greenhouse is designed based on the latest innovations. It is equipped with shading systems, irrigation, supplementary lighting, to maintain humidity, climate regulation and is designed for year-round operation.

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