In MiFi implemented a new development of isotope separation


New development of isotope separation performed at the National Research Nuclear University "Moscow Engineering Physics Institute" (MEPhI) under the federal target program "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia", according to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

"It's about physical-mathematical model of the flow in the chamber single gas centrifuge for uranium fluorides and mixtures of fluoride in the two-dimensional approximation. The studies developed a theory of optimal total flux of the cascade for separation of binary and multicomponent isotope mixtures ", — The ministry said.

"These results not only allow developers to create software applications for gas dynamics, but also to write a textbook" Physical principles of the separation of isotopes in a gas centrifuge, "which became the winner of the All-Russian competition of manuscripts of educational and reference books on nuclear energy Rosatom in 2009", — Said Professor MEPhI Valentin Borisevich, words are quoted by the Ministry of Education.


The professor said that the work was carried out in the framework of the joint Russian-Chinese project "Development of the theory of optimal total flux of the cascade for separation of multicomponent isotope mixtures."

"Technologies for the separation of isotopes of uranium are the most important element for the successful operation of a nuclear power complex. Scientific studies have, like this, the fundamental nature provides the leading innovative development of advanced nuclear technologies ", — said the Ministry of Education.

Source (s): RIA Novosti

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