In Minusinke (Krasnoyarsk Territory) opened a transport and logistics complex

January 21 Minusinsk the grand opening of the new transport and logistics system for a group of southern districts of the province. The task of the new transport terminal to connect southern Krasnoyarsk region to the central and western part of the region, as well as the Republics of Khakassia and Tuva.

Bus station building was built in the late seventies of the last century and have never been subjected to extensive repairs. In October 2011, for the first time begun to overhaul the bus station, which from the regional budget allocated 90 million rubles.

After repairs storey building turned into an emergency transport and logistics facility with a new building and extensive route network. Today Minusinsky bus station — it's transport hub, which in future will be able to serve more than 500 flights a day.

The passengers hotel, dining room, mother and child toilets for people with disabilities, medical office, storage room, a waiting room for 100 people, five ticket offices that are connected to a common information system "Bus Terminal". With this system, passengers can book tickets for other areas of any large settlement edge. Also, the waiting room is equipped with two metal detectors framework. The plans of expansion of the range of services for passengers: the discovery of a taxi dispatch center, the opening of air — and the railway ticket office and more.

Considerable attention during the repair work has been paid and landscaping of the adjacent territory. Now she is paved with stone blocks, at the entrance to the bus station equipped ramps for people with disabilities around the perimeter of the land set acoustic barriers, open day and night lighting. Will be held in the spring of landscaping.

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