In Mordovia came into operation a new plant for the production of high-tech building materials


December 6 in the village of Komsomolsk Chamzinsky area in a solemn ceremony was started a new production — the factory of gypsum binders and their products. Plant gypsum binders was built in two years, total investment in new production totaled more than 3.5 billion rubles. The four production lines will employ more than 150 people. After reaching full production capacity, the plant will produce nearly 15% of the total produced in the country of gypsum binders. 

The new plant is part of the Company "Magma", which, in turn, is part of a group of "Mordovcement." The dynamic development, effective marketing strategy enabled the group to achieve good results and take strong positions on domestic and foreign markets. In terms of production, "Mordovcement" is now second in the country after such industrial "monster" as "Evrotsement." 

Commissioning of the new plant will offer to the market of building materials, gypsum partition plates 560 square meters a year, plasterboard — 30 million m per year of gypsum binders for the production of plasterboard and gypsum partition blocks (plaster) is 100 thousand tons per year of gypsum binders for manufacturers and CCC sectors (in the nomenclature) — 90 thousand tons per year.

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