In Romania, the murals found, confirming recent doomsday scenario

Romanian media reported the unusual finding in the XV century, the old church, which indirectly confirms the doomsday scenario of 21 December 2012. According to the news agency News Brasov, in the Romanian city of Brasov, in the chapel of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, built in 1495, discovered the frescoes with apocalyptic scenes.

We found 14 murals. Scientists have attracted particular attention are those that have a striking resemblance to modern personnel documentaries about the prophecies for 2012, describing the powerful solar flares with a shift of the magnetic poles of the Earth, said, "Interfax".

The exact time is not known to create murals. They could not be made later in 1737, as some have information about the authors, including painter George Stores and his brother Gregory. This is evidenced by the inscription in Cyrillic, the authors confirm the date and time.

The most unusual mural called "Wheel of the World". It depicts the rotation of the Earth around the Sun, the Sun, inside which is an equilateral triangle with the "all-seeing eye", similar to the well-known Masonic symbol, sends death rays toward Earth. A few are trying to break the holy places of the earth, as if they want to turn it, which is associated with the theory of change of the magnetic poles of the planet.

According to the President of the Foundation Dacia, unique frescoes is that at the time of writing, the church has not yet recognized the revolutionary theory of the rotation of the planets around the sun, and at the time nothing was known of about solar flares, or to change the Earth's magnetic poles

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