In the district of Novosibirsk region Krasnozerskoe a new bridge

Commissioned a bridge crossing was built to replace the old wooden bridge over the river in the village of Karasuk Zubkov Krasnozerskoe district area. Construction of the bridge provided transportation between the two parts of the village. Old bridge over the river was considered an emergency and did not comply with road safety. 

The length of the bridge built — 54.3 meters. The total length along the approaches to it — over 127 meters. Roadway width of the bridge — 7 meters, and for pedestrians crossing there are two pedestrian walkway.

Construction work at the site were conducted in the winter-spring period from December 2011 to May 2012. Total construction cost is about 34 million. Funding was provided by the regional budget allocated in the form of subsidies for facilities related to municipal property for co-financing from the local budget.

Recall that this year, the regional government of municipalities allocated as grants for road construction nearly 700 million rubles. These funds are planned for the construction and repair of 14 man-made structures totaling more than $ 200 million. Of them in the current year it is planned to put into operation 9.

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