In the east of the Crimea Baybuga flooded about 60 homes and roads

Theodosius, December 15 (New Region — Crimea, Eugene Lavrinov) — In the east of the Crimea by the flood were flooded Baybuga 58 private houses, the water level of which was about 20 inches. To eliminate the effects of the disaster have been directed more than 60 rescuers.

As the press service of the Crimean cupola Emergency Situations Ministry, in distress were residents of Theodosia and the nearby village of Near-martial.

"Due to heavy rains and melting snow came the rise of the water level in the river Baybuga. As a result, 18 houses were flooded and 40 estates in the village of Near-fighting on the streets and garden and years, as well as in the alley garden, where the water level was about 15-20 cm ", — the press service of the Emergencies Ministry.

In Feodosia because rain was flooding yards in New Moscow travel, outdoors and in the neighborhood Nakhimov Blizhnie Rushes and outdoors Friendship flooded one of the houses.

In addition, in the Kirov region on December 14 about 18 hours, flooding occurred on the road Old Crimea — Soviet Privetnoye near the village. The water level was about 10 cm.

Created an office to eliminate flooding, led by the Chief of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine in Crimea Alexander Mazilin. In place of the emergency rescue units were sent from Simferopol, Kerch and Belogorsk.

To pump water out of their homes and estates with fire-pump station, tank and water pumps, dug a drainage channel for water discharge into the pond.

As of December 15, the water level was asleep. Waterlogging liquidated

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