In the Krasnodar region opened Science Center for the Study of Ancient Heritage

At the site of the largest ancient monument in the territory of Russia has successfully completed the construction of scientific and cultural center "Phanagoria", started six years ago. The initiator of the construction of the expedition were scientists Fanagoriis IA RAS and fund "The Free Case". The volume of investments of the Fund "free case" in a unique project to date is about 100 million rubles. 

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In addition to the Center building (total area of 1,280 sq m), consisting of a residential area, the storage of finds in the basement, workshop and library visitors have seen the main excavation Fanagoriis expedition of archaeologists and the finds of recent years. 

In the future, the Center will house the country's largest research library on the ancient, Roman and Byzantine periods of the history of Southern Russia and the Crimea, as well as the ancient history of Greece, Rome, Byzantium.

International Symposium archaeologists' ancient heritage of Kuban "in the Center will operate from 4 to 6 October.

The grand opening of the Center, which was built by the fund "The Free Business" was held on October 3. The ceremony was attended by the Governor of Krasnodar Region Alexander Tkachev, OV Deripaska, the head of the Temryuk District I. Wasilewski, director of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician NA NA Makarov, heads and representatives of a number of federal and regional agencies and departments, guests of the Crimea, as well as scholars of the five countries of the world, who arrived here to attend the International Scientific Symposium "The ancient heritage of Kuban".

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On the ground floor of the new building are cozy comfortable accommodation for members of the expedition. In each room — two beds, a table and a few chairs, a necessary minimum for people used to living in tents scientists.

— Every year during the field season here runs up to 150 people. The scientific team trying to build from local experts, — says head Fanagoriis complex archaeological expedition of the Institute of Archaeology RAS Vladimir Kuznetsov. — Especially for this purpose at the Kuban State University last year on the basis of the Faculty of History opened a new branch of archeology.

According to Kuznetsov, the second floor of the center is almost completely unique take on the ancient science library, Roman and Byzantine periods of the history of the South, as well as on the ancient history of Greece, Rome and Byzantium. Such a meeting, I'm sure a scientist, is not going anywhere. After all, by number of historical monuments, and 18,000 of them here, with the Kuban can match only a few regions of the country. And the monuments of the ancient world in Russia and did no more — Phanagoria simply unique.

Next to the library of the future hall located where scientists can conduct conferences, and online communication with colleagues from other cities.

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