In the Krasnoyarsk region are ready for the opening of five new schools

In Abanskom district of Krasnoyarsk region, in the village of Pokateevo commissioned a new school. Educational institution designed for 115 students. The building meets all health standards, equipped with modern equipment. Near the school is a sports unit, a children's playground. The school has its own unique diesel generator station and boiler room.

The school will operate daycare, open sports section. A modern sports stadium will be carried out in the village of competition, including the district level.

Construction of the school was necessary because, as previously children of the village were in an old wooden building, which was found in an emergency. The cost of the project — more than 230 million rubles. Source of funding — the regional budget.

In total, the province this year will be put into operation five new modern schools:

The school of 115 students in the district Abanskom, n Pokateevo

Primary school — kindergarten for 50 children in the Rybinsk uchaschihsya/30 district, Irsha

The school of 220 students in the district Irbeyskom, p. Ust-Yarul

School for 1,000 students in Krasnoyarsk md. Yastynskoe field

School for 504 students in the Cannes area, with. Filimonovo

Total funding for the construction of schools this year amounted to more than 881 million rubles. Source — the regional budget. 

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