In the Krasnoyarsk region struggling with a serious shortage of high-quality literature and

It is premature to throw off the book with a "ship of modernity." Whatever may have been exciting movies, television, the Internet, they will never replace the book, the human imagination is brighter and more mobile reality. Reading develops thinking, imagination and analytical skills, and most importantly — it develops a soul. And if we want a generation of people who know how to think, to empathize, to express their thoughts, we must ensure that our children deserve and accessible books.


A book, as you know, are different. In an era dominated by the market on the shelves of commercial entertainment literature (detectives, "women's novels") and speculative propaganda (with recipes for weight loss, get rich quick and proper behavior "sign"). There are books for children, but for the most part bright and entertaining. A serious shortage of local literature in all its guises — the scientific, scientific-journalistic, memoir, anthological artistic, clever and good children's book, as well as educational literature for children and young people.

In 2007, in the Krasnoyarsk region appeared the state grant program "Book of the Krasnoyarsk Region." For the selection of editorial projects worthy of public support, was created by the advisory council on the publishing industry, which includes people who can judge the quality of books professionally, with a wealth of experience in publishing, scientific knowledge and literary taste. The annual grant fund is 10 million rubles. In six years, was published 66 books. That part of the circulation, which is published at the expense of the regional budget is sent to schools and libraries region, and one that is printed at the expense of the grantees hits the shelves of bookstores.Since 2013prerequisite for the grant recipients is the publication of booksnot only in printed form, but alsoin PDF or EPUBfor placement in the electronic library systems.

Books published from 2007 to 2012:

"Rock Art of the Middle Yenisei"

Authors: Anninsky Eugene S., Zaika Alexander Leonidovich, Ampilogov Boris Baranov, Mikhail, etc.

Publisher: NO "Foundation" Remembrance of Reshetnev. "

The book "Rock Art of the Middle Yenisei" is a scientific and artistic work, made in the form of an album-catalog of the collection of squeezes Anninskii ES collected and the decorations on the results of natural history expeditions in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Brief scientific comments on the materials used are well-known researcher in the province of petroglyphs candidate of historical sciences Zaika AL Preparation of a dummy album-catalog was supported by a grant of the President of the Russian Federation.

"The history of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in maps"

Author: Alexander S. Merchants

Publisher: LLC "Publishing" Platinum "

Reprinted full-color cards presents the history of the Krasnoyarsk from the beginning of the XVII century. and in 1934 set up card, followed by the comments of leading historians — is an indispensable tool for teaching lessons and lectures on the history of Siberia and the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Textbook: "The history and culture of the peoples of the Yenisei region"

Authors: Michael S. Batashev, Nikolai Makarov Polikarpovich

Publisher: Siberian Federal University

Richly illustrated textbook on the history of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The book contains little-known facts that on the banks of the Yenisei River thousands of years ago were their cities and pyramids, relatives of the dead were buried mummies of their relatives, and stone sculptures Minusinskaya hollow ancient statues of the famous. Easter for a few thousand years.

"Those who have been thrown into oblivion fate …"

Author: Tamara S. Komarova

Publisher: LLC "Publishing" Siberian Printing House "

The book "Yenisei Province during the First World War" for the first time in a fully represents the history of the "forgotten war" on both sides of the front through the eyes of the inhabitants of the Yenisei province. The author reconstructs the events that took place in the Yenisei province more than ninety years ago, when urban and rural ways of life have been destroyed once the war began.

"Non-yellowing pages"

Author: Popov Komint Flegontovich

Publisher: OOO "Newspaper" Krasnoyarsk Worker "

On the history of journalism in Krasnoyarsk on the example of the newspaper "Krasnoyarsk Worker", about the history of the Krasnoyarsk Region, since 1905, imprinted on the pages of one of the oldest Russian editions. Devoted to journalism, the Krasnoyarsk

"Artists of the earth Krasnoyarsk"

Publisher: Krasnoyarsk regional organization of the All-Russia creative public organization "Union of Russian Artists"

The publication is dedicated to the 160th anniversary of Vasily Surikov. Photo album with reproductions of works of Krasnoyarsk artists. This is the first edition of the 100-year history of the Creative Union of Artists of the Krasnoyarsk Krai full-length album "Artists of the Earth Krasnoyarsk", reflecting the development of fine arts in the Krasnoyarsk region of VI Surikov until today.

The collection of lyric poetry, "On the way to you"

Author: Anatoly Tretyakov

Publisher: LLC "Publishing" Krasnoyarsk writer "

Anatoly Tretyakov — lyric poet, who has written extensively about the nature of, and, being fundamentally a Siberian Krasnoyarsk — the nature of Krasnoyarsk. This is indicated by the titles of many of his poems: "Winter in Krasnoyarsk", "Krasnoyarsk Pillars", "In the Sayan taiga", "Seagulls over the Yenisei River," etc. The book "The Road to You" — a collection of lyric poetry. But, like any great poet, he writes not only about nature — in his poetry sounds and military and civilian, and patriotic themes, and reflections on rural themes, and the theme of love, and philosophical reflections about life and

"The boy with a big heart"

Author: Anatoly Zyabrev Efremovich

Publisher: LLC "Publishing" Krasnoyarsk writer "

The book "The Boy with a warm heart," writer-publicist A. Zyabreva consists of a capital story "The Boy with a warm heart" and 2 small stories "Steppe Wind" and "How are you, Alyosha." The story "The boy …" tells about becoming a teenager in the difficult years of the war on it on the big defense plant, and then, once in the conclusion of "no way" — about his survival in the most severe conditions of the colony, and then — about his participation in the Second World War and the transformation of a young boy in neobstrelyannogo soldier. Heroes documentary novels "Steppe Wind" and "How are you, Alyosha" — young people with interesting characters and destinies, construction workers, extending the life quenching in the construction of the famous Siberian hydroelectric and other great construction not so long ago has past.

Children's book "Tales of the Golden Yenisei"

Authors: Catherine Malyshev Ignatjevna Alex Y. Malyshev

Publisher: JSC "Production and Publishing Works" Offset "

Children's picture book about the life of the Siberians, their work, hobbies and beliefs.

Children's book "Merzlotka and her friends"

Author: Elena Timchenko

Publisher: LLC "Publishing" Platinum "

Fairy Story tells the story of an unusual girl, found in the Museum of permafrost. This is one of those stories that open the wonders of everyday life, without which life is boring and uncomfortable. Young reader acquainted with Merzlotkoy and her friends — on an inexhaustible imagination and mischief brownie Kuzey, energetic puppy bagels and other characters.

Children's book, "You with Nature — on the way!"

Authors: Vera D. Wagner, Arthur P. Meehan

Publisher: LLC "Publishing" Platinum "

The book is aimed at middle school age, when children are already being addressed by separate walk unaccompanied. Ignorance of the basic rules of behavior in nature lead to tragic events. The publication provides practical advice to help students maintain their health while on nature. The content of the book is tied to the specifics of all the districts of the province, including the Evenki and Taimyr.

"Krasnoyarsk. History in Pictures and Documents"

Authors: Ivan Potapov, Nekos Viktor

Publisher: JSC "production and publishing combine" Offset "

The book covers the period from the beginning of development and colonization of Siberia to the 1920s, the development of the city of Krasnoyarsk. The book is multi-dimensional: it is widely represented the life of the city in different directions. Made solely on the basis of historical data and other documentary sources.

Album "Winter fun Siberians"

Publisher: Publishing, LLC "Raster"

Colorful edition focussing on traditional and orthodox holidays, which are revered since ancient times in Russia and Siberia. Photos by Anatoly Belonogov.

"Soul Masters"

Publisher: LLC "Publishing" Krasnoyarsk writer "

Shcherbakov book tells the story of secrets and peculiarities of different crafts and tools, about the way, the traditions and customs of the village.

"Plasticine happiness." Prose fifteen years

Publisher: LLC "Publishing" Grotesque "

The collection of prose miniatures Krasnoyarsk school student, who won the boundary of literary competitions. Despite the youth of the authors, their works are distinguished by vivid imagery and expressive artistic language. The book is illustrated with drawings of young artist Margaret Vdovenkovoy

Photo Album: "The church painting Yenisei region XVII — beginning of XIX century."

Publisher: LLC "Publisher Platinum"

Catalog restored monuments of religious painting Yenisei region. The edition includes reproductions of works belonging to three local history museums in the Krasnoyarsk region, as well as the Church of the Dormition, the Eniseyska.

"Cities and districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory"

Publisher: LLC "Publisher Platinum"

The publication is addressed to teachers, university professors, students, local historians, journalists — anyone interested in the current state of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Provides detailed information about all the cities and districts of the region (including the Evenki and Taimyr). Describes the history of their development, given modern portrait territory designated prospects

"Olympic constellation krasnoyar'ya"

Publisher: LLC "Publisher Platinum"

This is a work of art, and scientific and journalistic work to nurture the younger generation of high moral ideals of patriotism and self-confidence to achieve success in life.

"Tunguska phenomenon. Expedition. Hypothesis. Finds "

Publisher: LLC "Publisher Platinum"

Illustrated History of the centenary of the epic quest of the Tunguska meteorite expedition to the epicenter of the disaster, and scientific hypotheses, including, and most unusual, trying to give an answer to the "riddle of the century."

"Flowers in Siberia or a summer full of miracles"

Publisher: LLC "Publisher Platinum"

Colorful edition of Olga Karelina will introduce young readers to wildlife, learn to understand it. All illustrations in this publication are made in the "plasticine technique." The book contains a description of the methods and modeling clay.

"I — a citizen!"

Publisher: LLC "Publisher Platinum"

In the form of questions and answers provided with the information about the Rights of the Child: Family, School, Property, Money, Safety, Health, Love and Leisure. In addition provides useful information about where to go for help, advice, counseling.

"Our Family"

Publisher: LLC "Publisher Platinum"

The book is intended for young people who have just concluded the marriage. It will be good advisers in the difficult everyday situations, will look with new eyes at what seems certain to comprehend the deeper meanings and laws of human existence

"Civil War in the Yenisei province"

Publisher: OOO "Version"

In 2008, the 90th anniversary of the beginning of the civil war in the Yenisei province — the events are still causing heated debate and debate. The book covers the fullest events of those years, trying to present an objective picture of the civil war in the province on the basis of archival documents and memoirs of participants.

"Intelligent Leisure residents of cities: the theory and practice of modern"

Publisher: JSC "Production — Publishing Works" Offset "

Little scientific publication highlights the problems faced by residents of large cities. In an unusual perspective presents the theory and practice of leisure. The author sets out his vision of interference of public institutions and the state.

"Yenisei Province, history in documents and photographs"

Publisher: JSC "Production — Publishing Works" Offset "

The book covers the period from the emergence of Russian on the Yenisei River (1701) to the development of the Yenisei region and allows you to see the true story of the construction of churches and monasteries, stone buildings and structures of their respective owners. The book contains many biographical data patrons, benefactors, a description of their activities.

"A.L.Yavorsky — the founder of the reserve Pillars"

Publisher: OOO "Trend"

The first book about our wonderful fellow countryman, AL Jaworski — talks about the creation of the park as a "people's initiative" running "from below" the difficulties and vicissitudes associated with different stages of formation of the reserve "Pillars", a book about the pillars, and stolbistah, Companies, parking and huts, traditions, special structure and the nature of the Siberian stolbistskogo movement.

"Yenisei Almanac for 1828"

Publisher: LLC "Polikor"

Reissue of the rare Siberian monument of literature, repeating the text of the XIX century. Preserving its structure, format and layout drawings of the artist AN Stepanov.

"Chronology of Taimyr"

The author-composer Vadim Denisov

Publisher: LLC "APEX"

The book is the most comprehensive reference book on the history of the genesis of historical events and Norilsk Taimyr region, addressed a wide range of readers.

"The fire itself"

Author: Lyudmila VINSKY

Publisher: LLC "Polikor"

The cycle of personal meetings and conversations of two creative people — Lyudmila VINSKY and Anatoly Chmykhalo — formed the basis of journalistic novel. Excerpts from the works and poems of Anatoly Chmykhalo resonate with philosophical thoughts and memories of the writer — the war, the love of friends and enemies.

"Zates at heart. Astafev in the memory of man "

Authors: Valentine Maystrenko, Anatoly Belonogov, Valery Bodryashkin, Alexander Kuznetsov

Publisher: Publishing, LLC "Raster"

The book is a compilation of original texts of authors (memories, fragments of works Astafeva) and rare photographs by famous artists.

"Message to the Universe": Krasnoyarsk small prose writers of 1995-2008. "
The author-composer Michael Sagittarius

Publisher: JSC "Production and Publishing Works" Offset "

Collected works of Krasnoyarsk writers of different generations who have made a significant contribution to the development of regional literature. The book includes stories of civic and patriotic themes, stories about his contemporaries: rural and urban, ironic miniatures, funny and amazing cases.

"Journey of the Krasnoyarsk Territory"

Authors: Eldar Ahadov, Daria Mosunova, Julia Lebedeva, Elena Timchenko

Publisher: OOO "Polikor"

Literary and artistic guide for schoolchildren, in a fascinating way of telling his native land, its nature, customs, traditional beliefs, culture and creativity of the peoples of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

"Candle on the Yenisei"

The author-composer Michae
l Sagittarius

Publisher: JSC "Production and Publishing Works" Offset "

Collection of poems Krasnoyarsk poets of different generations who have made a significant contribution to the development of regional literature. The book includes poems civic and patriotic themes, philosophical and Love poems, ironic miniatures and works of "actual" poetry.

"Mystery of the Amber Castle"

Author: Alexey Suvorin

Publisher: JSC "Production and Publishing Works" Offset "

Environmental tale for children, in an entertaining form telling about the wonderful world of bees.

"There were tales of the protected forest"

Author: Elena Krutovskaya

Publisher: OOO "Trend"

Colorful guide will introduce young readers to the life of wild animals and birds, found refuge in the living corner of the reserve "Pillars".

"Krasnoyarsk-Berlin. 1941-1945 "

Publisher: LLC "Polikor"

The book consists of a historical feature stories about the life of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the years of the Great Patriotic War, the contribution of its people to the cause of victory. The book contains previously unpublished material from the Central Archives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Russian State Military Archive, Archival Agency of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the State Archive of the Krasnoyarsk region, Krasnoyarsk Regional Military Commissariat, a large number of private archives. To illustrate the sections describing the fighting Krasnoyarsk parts, used not only Soviet, but the German military archives.

All the materials of the book posted in a special section of the regional unified portal "Krasnoyarsk" with an address on the In addition to the content of the book, in the section are placed and other materials that have been collected in the course of its preparation, but were not included in the printed edition. Having come to this section, you can see the shots chronicle of wartime, to listen to the song dedicated to the War of Krasnoyarsk writers, read a lot of other material on the participation of residents of the province in the war: monographs, newspaper articles, school essays, letters from the front, photos and other relics of war .

The collection of documents "Krasnoyarsk Territory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945"

Publisher: LLC "Publishing center" cash "

Author: Lyudmila mesityl

The collection of documents that fully reflects all aspects of the life of Soviet society Wartime: Krasnoyarsk part in the hostilities, the nationwide support of the front, the socio-political and cultural life of the region, the employment relationship.

"Taimyr icy"

Publisher: LLC "Publishing center" cash "

Author: Nikolay Odintsov

Copyright essays NA Odintsov, former director of the timber port Dudinsky about life on the Taimyr Peninsula and the people with whom he has connected life itself.

"Notes of a platoon"

Publisher: JSC "Production and Publishing Works" Offset "

Author: Nicholas Gudoshnikov

Confession of a man who visited the inferno of Stalingrad and Kursk in the penal company. The main theme of the work — the personal maturing boys, who had put on a military uniform.

"The fate of the fighter"

Publisher: LLC "Publishing center" cash "

The author-composer Michael Sagittarius

Unique fate of Nikolai Bronsky captured them in letters to fellow soldiers and memoir excerpts collected and refurbished to create a book about it.

"Honorary Citizens of the edge: life, as the story"

Publisher: KGAU "Newspaper" Our Krasnoyarsk Territory "

Author: Leonid Zolnikov

Collection of essays on honorable citizens of Krasnoyarsk Krai.

"Nganasans. Culture of the people in the attributes of the everyday"

Publisher: OOO "APEX"

Authors: Inna Liss, Oleg Kraszewski

Catalogue of the ethnographic collection Nganasan paraphernalia from housewares to the cult of shamanic objects.

"All that is in the heart of … Krasnoyarsk artists yesterday, today and tomorrow"

Publisher: Krasnoyarsk regional organization of the All-Russia creative public organization "Union of Russian Artists"

Authors: Sergey Anoufriev, Marina Moskaluk, Maxim Rumyantsev

Album art works of painters, sculptors, graphic artists, artists, arts and crafts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, made during the 1934-2009 period.

"To the glory of the Fatherland kind. Family Kuznetsov in the history of Russia and Krasnoyarsk"

Publisher: Publishing, LLC "Siberian Printing House"

Author: Lyudmila Sysoev

This edition is dedicated to one of the most famous families of Krasnoyarsk — the family of the Kuznetsov, which for over a hundred years has played a huge role in the political, social, scientific and cultural life of Krasnoyarsk Yenisei province, other Siberian cities, as well as Russia.

"Laboratory of the Red ravine. Scientific answers to questions fantastic"

Publisher: OOO "Polikor"

Authors: Elena Shchelkanova, Anna Yakovleva, Alexander Finogenov, Yegor Zadereev, Stanislav patra

Publishing Project introduces the basic and the most interestin
g challenges and problems facing modern science works, and aims to increase interest in the natural sciences and technical knowledge among the students.

Artistic and biographical album "Our Astafev"

Publishing house "Polikor"

Author: Valentina Yaroshevskaya

A full-color illustrated book containing photographs, documentary sources, excerpts and quotes from the works of Victor Petrovich Astafeva.

"Krasnoyarsk (Yenisei) Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church: 1861-2011"

Publisher: Company ID "Eastern Siberia"

Author: Gennady Malashin

Historical and journalistic monograph is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Krasnoyarsk diocese.

"Almanac" Yenisei 2011 "

Publisher: OOO CPI "cash"

Alexander Astrakhantsev

Literary Almanac Krasnoyarsk Commonwealth Writers' Yenisei-2011 ", which characterizes the cultural life of the Krasnoyarsk region since 1941.

"Portraits. Krasnoyarsk twentieth century"

Publisher: OOO CPI "cash"

The author-composer Alexander Astrakhantsev

Essays and memoirs of Alexander Astrakhantseva about contemporaries who lived in the twentieth century, and now living in Krasnoyarsk.

"In the five rivers Avama"

Publisher: OOO CPI "KASS PLUS"

Author: Nikolai Popov

The book of essays Dolgan writer NA Popov — a fascinating and informative journey through the land Avam places, familiarity with its amazing and original people.

"I can not imagine myself without Siberia"

Publisher: OOO CPI "cash"

Author: Lydia Christmas

In the book, "I can not imagine myself without Siberia" includes selected poems of the poet Siberian — Christmas Dmitrievich Ignatius written by him for more than forty years of artistic life.


Publisher: LLC "Publishing" Polikor "

Authors: LLC "Publishing" Polikor "

Full-color illustrated publication devoted to people for whom work was and still is the most important value and honor. The basis of the documentary narrative account of the meeting with living heroes of labor and the cycle of conversations with them.

Album "Yenisei Krasnoyarsk province. History in photos. 1870-1970 gg."

Publisher: OOO "Trend"

Author: Vladimir Cherkashin, Nicholas Istomin

Photo album of rare photographs, posters and postcards of the late 19th — early 20th centuries. The oldest daguerreotype photography, found and restored dated no later than 1868 — the date of arrival of Bishop Nicodemus in the Yenisei diocese.

"Grow up kid"

Publisher: LLC "Publishing" Polikor "

Author: Elena Shchelkanova

The publication is intended to young parents is information for reference purposes and includes accurate information on the full range of issues related to child care and education from the time of hospital discharge to 6 years.

"Yenisei record. Chronological list of important dates and events in the history of the Yenisei region. 1207-1834"

Publisher: OOO "Trend"

Author: Vladimir Shanin

Historical Encyclopedia of the Yenisei region, a brief but thorough account of the discovery and development of the Siberian part of Russia, about what kind of people inhabited the edge of the Yenisei and what they were doing, what events took place here during the seven centuries covered by this "chronological list".

"Laboratory of the Red ravine. Scientific answers to cosmic questions"

Publisher: OOO "Izdatelstov" Polikor "

Author: LLC "Publishing Polikor" Ltd ASK "Vertical"

Publishing Project introduces the basic and the most interesting challenges and problems facing modern science works in the area of space and space exploration.

"An Illustrated History of the Krasnoyarsk. Beginning of XVI-XX centuries.

Published by:

Ltd. "Raster"

The book is devoted to the pre-Soviet history of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

"Show and tell Krasnoyarsk"

Publisher: OOO "Izdatelstov" Polikor "

The publication tells the story of the origin, development, achievements, iconic events, interesting people in the Krasnoyarsk region's oldest TV and Radio — TV "Krasnoyarsk", as well as the emergence and development of non-state TV.

"Journey of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The traditions and culture of the people "

Publisher: LLC "Publishing Polikor"

The book is an informative literary and art publication for children of secondary school age. She talks about the history and traditions of the peoples living in the region.

The book was published in print format and e-pub.


"Bawled over Russia cocks"B. Kapelko

Publisher: OOO "Cash Plus"

This publication was prepared for the 75th anniversary of the legendary personality — Krasnoyarsk artist, poet, researcher, stolbista Kapelko Vladimir (1937-2000).

In the book of his poems, published in newspapers, magazines, books and the only collective authoring the book "iron horse neighing in tune", as well as memories of the VF Kapelko his friends and colleagues.

"Krasnoyarsk Madonna

Author: LT Petrenko

Publisher: OOO "Trend"

A cult book of the famous Krasnoyarsk stolbista, climber, mountain climber and caver, brought up a whole cohort of students, is a color of the Krasnoyarsk rock climbing, mountaineering and caving, one of the founders and creators of the luge toboggan run in Krasnoyarsk.

Jubilee album "Toivo Ryannel"

Authors: LT Ryannel, AD Boyarkin, V.I.Kudrinsky,

Publisher: LLC "Raster"

Toivo Otto V. Ryannel — Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, People's Artist of Russia in 2011 is celebrating its 90th anniversary.

The anniversary album of works by Toivo Ryannelya sealed bright hu-dozhestvennaya images, fanned by a deep and pure love of the artist-patriot to the Siberian land, open spaces of the Krasnoyarsk region and its people.

"The area of technical creativity. The road to heaven "

Publisher: LLC "Publishing Polikor"

The book describes the history of flying clubs of Krasnoyarsk region, working in the structure Osoaviahima (DOSAAF).

Literary Almanac "Yenisei 2012"

Publisher: OOO "Cash Plus"

Literary Almanac Krasnoyarsk literary community.

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