In the Krasnoyarsk region subsidize purchase of equipment

In 2011, the machine-building enterprises of Krasnoyarsk Territory will produce equipment for the needs of marginal growers and breeders, including the one previously made only outside the region or abroad.
According to the Minister of Agriculture and Food Policy edges Leonid Shorohova, Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant, Ltd. "Agroselhoztehnika", The plant "GOSNITI", Ltd. "Tehnoros", as well as Kan RTP-2 ready to start production of combine harvesters, harrows, balers, sorting machines, sprayers, pasteurizing plants and machines for bottling milk — about 100 pieces of equipment worth 92 million rubles.
Also, according to him, the deputies of the boundary will be offered the opportunity to consider the 50% agricultural subsidies from the budget.

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