In the Kuban State University (Krasnodar) inaugurated the pool

Superbasseyn, which now is proud of high school, built in just a few months. The first stone in the foundation of a fitness center, adjacent to the university stadium, was founded in November of last year. The very construction began in the spring — and boil! After just six months — last November, the student "sea" fun ended. And in December, college and university swimming team has already started training.

Pool length of 25 meters, width — 16. Available swimmers 6 tracks. Thanks to the latest water treatment system of hygienic standards in the classroom can not worry. Along with the pool in the complex is equipped with the latest gym, canteen, medical rooms and locker rooms.

The know-how of a fitness center — it is accessible to people with disabilities. Water treatments wheelchair users and those who have disorders of the musculoskeletal system, are necessary as air. Therefore, the room is equipped not only with ramps, but also special devices for water immersion.

To the great delight of the townspeople, the services of health center will be able to not only students. Buy a subscription to the pool can anyone. A visit to Krasnodar will be open during hours when students from the class, that is, after 16 hours.

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