In the Kurgan region opened another kindergarten

February 17, inaugurated kindergarten at p. Nagorskaya Pritobolnogo area of Kurgan region.

Sadiq is designed for 90 people, today it is almost full. In 1997, the demographic problems are not spared and Nagorskaya. The village has no kids, no one to go to kindergarten, and it was closed. The building is not operated as intended 14 years. Since the two thousandth's the situation in the country has begun to improve, including demographics, and the need for kindergarten resurfaced. Two years ago it began overhaul at the expense of the regional budget. Spent 38 million rubles, the building is transformed and externally, and inside: children new furniture, equipped catering department, game room, bedroom, a beautiful area for walking.

Speaking to parents and teachers of kindergarten, the head of the region, Oleg Bogomolov told what is being done in the area to ensure that kids in day care places:

— We systematically and aggressively solve the problem on the availability of pre-school education. If in the past the queue was nearly 17,000, today it is much reduced. Last year we introduced the 5000 500 seats, the same as in the previous five years. A number of areas, for example, Chastoozere no longer have need of preschool. New Year also begins with the opening of a kindergarten in your village. I think in 2012 we'll do no less than in the past.

In the Urals in 2011, opened its doors 7 kindergartens, 54 pre-school groups, 5 family child care. The governor stressed that the region is a real opportunity, fulfilling the order of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, for 4 years to eliminate all for children from 3 to 7 years.

Speaking about the decision of financial problems, Oleg Bogomolov drew attention to the salaries of educators. This year, all kindergarten Kurgan region will move to sectoral wage system, which would increase the average salary of teachers of pre-school institutions by 20%.

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