In the Kursk region added two turkey farm on 100 thousand units per year

UK Company "Agro-Industrial Group BVK" built on the territory of Kursk region Manturovsky turkey farm capacity up to 100 thousand units per year. Work began in autumn 2012.

To date, according to the administration, built four otkormochnika — premises for keeping turkeys, the old hatchery building was reconstructed under the storage of straw, for the same purpose built three new objects, each of which can accommodate up to 800 tons.

Under the project, two sites at the same time a chicken farm will contain 40 thousand turkeys. However, the company abandoned the construction and maintenance of its own incubator and intends to deliver daily turkeys from Poland. Will be used for the cultivation of hybrid of turkey meat with a mass of females from 12 kg in males — 20 kg; term growth — five months. 

Davleev Albert, president of "Agrifud Stretedzhis," suggested that "a rough estimate" cost of the investment was approximately $ 5,000,000 (one chicken house "turnkey" cost about $ 1 million, and the four of them, plus the infrastructure).

The difficulty for investors, according to experts, will be planned cultivation of turkey in the straw, because usually grown on-chip, most softwood. A straw "dangerous diseases, the company will require full-time veterinarian and livestock." The most important thing in the poultry industry, explains Mr. Davleev, this is not the infrastructure, and the ability to manage livestock and convert feed into meat.

Today Russia announced and implemented about 20 investment projects on the turkey, among them the largest "Evrodon" (power is 30-40 thousand tons per year) in the Voronezh region, OOO APK "Damato" in the Penza region (40 to 60 tons ) and "Cherkizovo" in the Tambov region (40 tons).

"I think investors are strapped for cash, otherwise the company would build more power, but maybe they will scale it with time. The project is quite timely, coming decade turkey in Russia, and its consumption will increase significantly. However, the return on investment will lengthen, investors should consider it ", — the expert said.

BVK — vertically integrated holding companies including crops, livestock, grain processing, meat and milk in the Voronezh, Belgorod and Kursk regions.

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