In the Kursk region has opened a new church and a monument to Peter and Fevronia

Last weekend in Kurchatov Kursk region was a significant event — the opening of a new temple here and the sculpture of Peter and Fevronia. The result was a whole architectural ensemble — a real decoration of nuclear scientists.

As you know, the love story of Peter and Fevronia is a model example of Russian marriage. Newlyweds believe that the assistance of the saints will live a long and happy married life.

Question of the construction of the temple began to lead a decade ago. In 2003, the year of the 100th anniversary of praise among the saints of St. Seraphim of Sarov, a large group of parishioners from Kurchatov asked the Metropolitan Kursk and Rila Yuvenaly with the request to open nuclear scientists in the Orthodox parish in honor of the Seraphim, the miracle worker.

Metropolitan Juvenal discovery came blessed. Beginning in 2004, services were held in adapted premises — a former summer cinema. And in June 2007 started the construction of a new church.


And September 22, 2013 a new church finally officially opened. After his consecration was the first Divine Liturgy. And then the Lord Herman congratulated the parishioners with a joyful event.

Despite the bad weather, at a gala event gathered many Kurchatov Institute — a new church in the first minutes after the opening of the faithful filled to capacity.

The sculptural composition is a figure of Peter and Fevronia, who are holding a pigeon and dove. The monument is made in the creative workshop of the VM Klykova in Moscow. Yet on September 16 at the base of sculpture was laid a handful of soil from the place of prayer St. Fevronia. Then set up a monument on a pedestal, aligning it with the opening of the official opening of the church in honor of St. Seraphim of Sarov and All Saints Resplendent in the land of the Kursk.


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