In the Lenin-Kuznetsk (Kemerovo region). Opened a new kindergarten

The new day care center for 170 people was opened on August 20 in Leninsk-Kuznetsk, Kemerovo region. The opening of the Child Development Centre — Kindergarten number 9 "Rainbow Childhood" was yet another gift to the citizens vsekuzbasskomu main holiday — the Day of the miner, whose capital this year and won the Lenin-Kuznetsk.

Kindergarten "Rainbow Childhood" is designed for group 2 toddlers and 6 groups of pupils from 3 to 7 years. This new generation of child care that meets the highest modern standards. Here, all Resettled with taking care of the spiritual and physical development of children, and, above all, their health. 

In kindergarten, bright, cozy rooms, a swimming pool, there is a hall for dance and sports, and a lot of attention paid to equip the medical unit. On the first floor lay a floor heating. Comfortable bright booths in the locker room and heated to children's clothing has always been dry and warm. Taken care of in the garden and children about nutrition. The latest technology equipped catering department, where you can prepare meals for a couple. 

The kindergarten equipped with two playgrounds, where you can play, do exercises, hold the baton. In winter, on one of the sites will operate an ice rink, and around the perimeter of a ski track will be laid. There is also a walking area with bulky colorful verandas. Moreover, a avtogorodok, which will also deal with students and the neighboring kindergarten "Fairy Tale". Here, everything is on this road: traffic lights, road signs, stop.

The real highlight of the day care has become a virtual data marts. The large touch screen allows parents to learn more about the life of the kindergarten. For example, look at the daily menu, see the work of development centers, to get information about family contests, participate in surveys, quizzes. That is, be aware of all events.

In addition, the "Rainbow Childhood" will be organized remote receiver. According to Skype, the Internet specialists (speech therapist, educational psychologist) during certain hours will advise parents on matters of mutual interest. Also through the Internet will hold classes with children who are ill and temporarily do not go to kindergarten, so they do not lag behind their peers.

Kindergarten meets the most stringent safety regulations. The building has an automatic fire alarm system installed, "panic button", a video surveillance system. To the building did not go outside, all the parents were given chips to the front door. In case of emergency, in each group, a separate auxiliary output. The new garden was built with the seismic situation in the Kuzbass — the building could withstand tremors of up to 8 points.

The governor stressed that Leninsk-are actively developing. Near the center, where a kindergarten "Rainbow Childhood", a lot of new buildings, in which are populated mostly young families. Therefore, the discovery of a new kindergarten for 170 places — it really is a vital event for the people of the city. By Day miner after repairs put kindergarten, "Sun City" for 92 seats. At the end of 2013 will be opened after the reconstruction of another kindergarten for 110 places.

However, Tuleyev said today in Leninsk-Kuznetsk waiting device 800 kindergarten children aged 3 to 7 years. The governor asked the head of the city to step up this work and put before him the task for 2014 in the order of day care centers to eliminate completely.

The construction of the kindergarten "Rainbow Childhood" directed 171 million 295 thousand rubles. The regional governor thanked all those who had invested in the construction, equipment, kindergarten his strength, skill, love of children. Finally Tuleyev addressed to the employees of the kindergarten with a call to protect their "new home", be it the real masters and teach children to be his masters.

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