In the Leningrad region launched Ryabovsky ceramics factory

New and unique for Russian product-specific production created on the basis of Ryabovsky ceramics factory, which this year celebrated its 110th anniversary.

The investment volume of the project amounted to more than EUR 100 million, which allowed less than two years to build from the ground up new and modern workshop, set up two production lines with a continuous production cycle and to produce over 300 tons of baked products a year.

The new production line will recruit 250 people.

Production of this scale in our country yet — the plant will be located in an area of 4 hectares and produce products more than 80 titles.
The design capacity of the plant will be 300 tons of ceramic and bricks per year. In addition, the development company is also planning to create a village social and sporting facilities.

In early August, was put into operation the first production line of facial and full-bodied ordinary brick. The production capacity of the second line — 180,000 tons of finished products per year.

Technology of production of the classic — processing of clay, molding, drying and firing. Construction was carried out with the latest technology.

The customer is LLC "Gazstroy", which in March 2009, received the right to use mine "Red Leagues" for the extraction of clay and brick production.

Ceramic products company known for their durability, the manufacturer gives a guarantee of 100 years. Brick has a high power-saving features, stores heat. The use of construction materials can also significantly reduce the time of the construction of housing. Investments in production, analogues of which exists only in Europe, will be in the future have a positive effect on the economy of the region. Who is the actual task of building affordable housing. Construction work at the plant produced using ceramic blocks can be performed in cold weather at temperatures up to minus 15 degrees. These technological properties can accelerate the pace of construction of residential properties. Of durable and environmentally friendly products plant will be built several houses in Tosno. The upgraded plant is socially significant for the area. Already created 250 new jobs, with the recruitment of specialists and workers are mainly locals Ryabovsky urban settlement and Tosnensky area as a whole. Reconstruction allowed to upgrade the utilities of the village. Investor LLC "Gazstroy" gas line built, remodeled the dilapidated network of water supply and sanitation, local roads repaired and built a new highway in the village.

Reference: Ryabovsky ceramics factory founded in the post-war period in paragraph Ryabovo Tosnensky district of the Leningrad region. In the 1990s, transformed into a closed corporation in 2003, declared bankruptcy. Prior to the bankruptcy produced various types of veneering ceramics. Was renovated in 2008-2010.

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