In the Magadan region launched a project to develop offshore oil and gas

License for geological survey of Magadan Magadan-1-2-3 and Magadan owns OAO NK "Rosneft". The total area of the three sections of the order of 47 thousand square meters. m The total project cost is estimated at 416.5 billion rubles. The resource potential of the three sections of the preliminary forecast of 2.6 billion tons.? Depths of the sea in the area of the work is 50-300 meters.

In the 2013 field season run complex geophysical studies, including 2 D seismic and gravimetric. In June and July 2013 in the area Magadan-1 vessel "Akademik Fersman" successfully completed the work in the amount of 2.6 thousand meters.


In August, the research work is done by a ship "Orient Explorer" at the site Magadan and Magadan-2-3. Along with the seismic surveys conducted ecological and fishery research with the assistance of MagadanNIRO.

2 D seismic survey, or two-dimensional seismic survey performed from a vessel that tows behind him on a given depth outboard seismic equipment. The method involves obtaining multiple seismic reflections from each point of observation in the profile and their subsequent summation.

In conjunction with seismic studies performed gravimagnetic. Magnetometric intelligence based on the differences of the magnetic properties of different rocks and is performed using a magnetometer towed behind the ship on a long cable at a certain depth. To register gravity data is used on-board digital gravimetric complex.

Using both methods, study the structure of the crust, which allows you to identify mineral deposits, including oil and gas. During the execution of seismic surveys conducted environmental control to prevent harm to the environment.

Particular attention is paid to the protection of marine mammals, including the constant monitoring of the presence of marine mammals in the area of the airguns. When the animals near the work area, airguns are turned off before removing them to a safe distance. Monitoring conducted by experts biologists.

Information obtained during the geophysical survey will form the basis of the plan the next phase of exploration — exploration drilling. Drilling of the first exploration well in the area Magadan-1 is planned for 2016.
Vladimir Baked visited the research ship "Orient Explorer", met with the course of exploration, talked with Captain specialists of "Rosneft" biologists. As the captain Valery Trokhymenko, the ship has a large experience in the oil and gas offshore Sakhalin Island in the Persian Gulf, off the coast of Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia. Working in the northern part of the Okhotsk Sea is more complex due to natural conditions, but the crew cope with it successfully.

Vladimir Baked noted that the development of offshore oil and gas primagadanskogo one of the most promising areas of the economy Magadan region. "Today, when the active work for exploration and refining forecasts of significant oil and gas reserves, which were identified in the 80's, this area becomes absolutely concrete prospects. If the plans of the company "Rosneft" in relation to land Magadan-1, 2 and 3 will be implemented within the time limits, which are scheduled, we'll get a new branch of the economy of our area. Oil and gas industry can significantly increase the revenue side of our budget to create many new jobs, and of course. It is very important for our fellow countrymen and especially for young people, which will link their fate with our territory, "- said Vladimir liver.

Rights for the joint development and production of the section of "Magadan-1" belong to the NK "Rosneft" and the Norwegian company "Statoil", and on the sites of "Magadan-2" and "Magadan-3" — NK "Rosneft" and the Japanese company "Impex Petroleum . " One-third stake in the joint venture will be owned by foreign partners.

Acting Governor of the Magadan Oblast Vladimir Baked intends to seek registration of joint ventures in Magadan. He believes that the "center of gravity" of oil projects to be here and here must come tax deductions.

Another important task that is going to solve dministratsiya area — to convince the management of the company "Rosneft" in the expediency of the construction company's refining in Kolyma. The implementation of this ambitious project could give the region more jobs and to ensure further development of transport infrastructure and reduce the cost of fuel for the population.

Plans NK "Rosneft" to conduct exploration work on the Magadan shelf meet government objectives for the development of the Far East. In 2013 a state program "Social and economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region", shows the attention of the state to the territory, the priority of this issue to the President of the Russian Federation.

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