In the U.S., seven people were killed in tornadoes

In the U.S., seven people were killed in tornadoesA series of tornadoes that hit the South and Midwest, killing seven people, several were injured, and thousands of people were left without electricity.
Three residents of the small town of Cincinnati, Arkansas died Friday morning, December 31.
Then the tornado victims were three other people in the southern part of Missouri.
On Saturday, January 1, died in hospital a woman seriously injured Friday during a tornado in the area in Rolla Missouri.
Several other people in Arkansas and Missouri were injured.
Tornado in Cincinnati caused damage to the local highway that passes through the center of town and going to Arkansas. According to local authorities, there are many injured.
Tornado hit the city just after 6:00 am local time. Warning of the disaster was issued about 10 minutes before.
Emergency services workers on Friday morning, it was not easy to get to the affected areas due to failure of several sections of power lines.
The local airport in Benton County was closed because of wind threw debris runway.
Emergency Services Coordinator Brad Nash said that two people died in Dent County, Missouri, as a result of severe storms. Another woman died when winds destroyed her home north of the district of Rolla.
Storm destroyed three homes and damaged the trailer homes and buildings around Dent.
The nearby Pulaski County was also hit.
Several houses were half destroyed, some were left without roofs, severed electrical wires everywhere, lots of trees broken.
At the request of the local weather service, tornadoes were caused by the collision of warm, moist air in the region with a mass of cooler air from the West.

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