In the U.S., snowdrift were 70 people

Indiana authorities are trying to get to 70 motorists, blocked by a strong storm. In the state of emergency.
Intelligence agencies of Indiana trying to rescue more than 70 motorists caught in the "snow trap" after strong storms, but severe weather conditions prevent the conduct rescue operation.

Note that four people died as a result of bad weather across the country.
According to Deputy Sheriff Andy Hynek police, some motorists are in a "snowdrift" more than 12 hours. For salvation involves all emergency vehicles. In Indiana, the maximum recorded rainfall, improved weather conditions are expected.

In addition, in the stadium Minneapolese "Metrodome" under the snow collapsed the roof. No injuries to report. National Football League game had to be postponed because of the incident.

Now severe cyclone moves to the east. Hit Illinois and Michigan. Washington is working on ochitske streets of snow.


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